XM1 Multi-Curve UHMWPE Body Armor Plate (Level IIIA)

XM1 Multi-Curve UHMWPE Body Armor Plate (Level IIIA)

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A combination threat (bullet/stab) Level IIIA Body Armor hard multi-curved armor plate.  This 10" x 12" plate is made of laminated UHMWPE polyethylene formed in a North Carolina factory to make a multi-curved hard plate.


•A stand alone armor plate with multiple hit capability 

•Fully tested by an independent lab

•Weight Approx. 1.5lbs

•High molecular weight polyethylene

•600D nylon cover with padded edges

•5 year warranty

** This model complies with NIJ Standard-0101.06 for Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor.** Independent lab tested Level IIIA Armor will defeat 6 pistol round shots up to .44 magnum @ 1474 ft/s @ 17.3 FT.